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ZPD is a psychologically-informed board and executive leadership consulting company whose purpose is to develop global leaders so they create better organisations for the future.

We specialise in working with leaders in demanding, complex, global roles and organisations to develop the ‘night vision’ to see more clearly through the organisational fog. They become clearer on the challenges they are facing and overcome the hurdles to delivering change effectively.

ZPD works with leaders to…

  • get ready for change – in themselves, their teams and the wider organisation
  • deliver strategic, system-wide change that really sticks and stays
  • through this, create better organisations than the ones they inherited

Why ZPD?

ZPD stands for “Zone of Proximal Development” - the difference between what leaders can do now and what they can strive to achieve. It is a psychological measure of potential and a leader’s ability to adapt. ZPD Consulting provides support for leaders as they learn, develop and realise this potential while developing a better organisation.

About ZPD

We specialise in working with leaders in demanding, complex global roles and organisations. Our team members have this experience – and credibility – too. ZPD’s team includes former CEOs, MDs, Partners and public sector Director-level plus roles. They have all been personally successful in challenging leadership positions.

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Our clients

We work with global businesses and smaller family owned and run firms and have provided services to leaders from over twenty two different nationalities.

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Anxiety in team coaches.

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